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Welcome to a Beautiful Alliance

We know the future of home automation.

Our alliance of home, environmental and safety product suites are created and installed by seasoned professionals to fit your way of life. You have the opportunity to work with a lifestyle specialist to design a fully functioning home ecosystem.

You’ll be able to check in or make changes to your household
from wherever you are in the world.

Backed by a leading national company, we deliver three essentials; technical expertise to ensure you get what you need, superior quality by way of rigorous product testing and 5-star service guaranteed through our
4.5 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot.

Swipes, Taps & Touches

A swipe to see your appliance options, a tap to turn things on and a light touch to shut everything down. That’s all you’ll ever need to know. It’s so simple, it’s incredible.

Quick, simple and informative

Our Solution Offers:

  • Smart Doorlocks
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Video Feeds
  • Home Safety

Welcome Home

Know your kids are getting home safe. Unlock doors from your phone and receive a video notification when they are safely inside. Simply lock it all up again with a click.

4 Finishes

  • . Aluminum
  • . Bronze
  • . Silver
  • . Gold

Get Comfortable

Our smart thermostat learns your life patterns. It knows to cool everything down when you’re at work or away. Get home early? Click to activate your perfect temperature setting. Your home ecosystem will be ready for you.

Save Energy, Automatically

The connected thermostat turns itself down when you’re away and automatically adjusts for comfort when you come home. On average, it saves our customers $10-$15 a month in energy costs! Plus, since it’s connected to your phone, you can control it from anywhere.

Make Light of Things

If you get home after dark, your system will know to brighten things up. As soon as your locks are disarmed you’ll walk into a well lit home, always.
With one bulb lasting 50,000 hours, you’ll never be grasping around in the dark.

Feel Free to Look Around

Check in with a tap and view a live video streamed straight to your phone. It even teams up with your doorbell to let you see who stops by.

Safe & Sound

There’s no time for the unexpected. Spring a leak? You’ll receive an alert. Broken window? You’ll be notified. Whether it’s fire, flood/freeze, carbon monoxide or the outside world, you’ll know. From the inside out, we’ve got you covered.

Smart Savings

Having smart home technology on your side could help you save up to 27% on your heating and cooling bill, as well as a total of 25% off your homeowners insurance. Now, your house will be working with you.

Home Security Savings
Fire Protection Savings
Heating & Cooling Savings




An average of 48% of home energy is spent on heating and cooling. That’s almost half of your household’s energy usage. With our smart thermostat programming, we let you cut that by approximately 21%. The average homeowners insurance cost is $650/yr. We allow you to save up to 20%, saving you $130/yr. Homeowners can spend an average of $8,000 on fire and smoke damage repair. We can save you 5% off your homeowners insurance and $32.50/yr.

Monthly Savings


Monthly Savings


Monthly Savings


Yearly Savings


Yearly Savings


Yearly Savings

Our Most Popular Plan

Safety & Convenience Plan

Keep the family safe, and visitors connected

Make your world more manageable. Click, swipe and tap your appliances to function as you wish and create the atmosphere that’s right for you.

Door & Window
Contacts (3x)
Smart Keyfobs

Our top-of-the-line package.
Still at an incredibly affordable price of


Get In-depth with the Safety & Convenience Plan

We’ll make it happen.

Our technicians are educated in everything ‘smart.’ You can ask us whatever you want or wonder — we’ll have the answers. Within an hour your household will be fully installed and transformed into something brilliant.

Our 5-Star Service is Guaranteed

We give you what you need to simplify and secure your life —
and we do it the right way.


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out of 5


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