We’re Alliance, nice to meet you.

This is who we are. This is what we love to do.

At Alliance we’re all about making a difference and keeping you out of harm’s way. Alliance Security began in the spare bedroom of our CEO’s condominium in 2003. A lot has changed since then. As a partner and Chief Marketing Officer, I was there from the beginning. I saw us all grow doing what it was we had the urgency to do — keep you safe. Some time after partnering with Monitronics and 2GIG technologies, I recognized more was needed to improve your livelihood.

I began to realize it took more than home security for you to feel completely stable within your household.

So I began adding smart home technology to our security systems over the past four years. Along with all the other security companies, we were able to offer smart home technology to our customers. However, we were still a security company that was only adding on smart home services to our system.

This wasn’t the type of experience I wanted our customers to have if their main reason for getting the system was for the smart home service. I wanted to create an experience that focused on smart home technology and still deliver the 5-Star Experience our Alliance Security Customers were used to receiving.

I wanted something that would solely concentrate on improving and simplifying your life.

It only made sense to launch our newest division, Alliance Home, which focuses on delivering the knowledge and experience needed to our smart home customers.

Today’s fast paced environment is filled with stress, and no matter how big or small, it always affects your lives. I know. Whether you’re running around to get to work or shuttling the kids where they need to go, there’s endless opportunity for things to get hectic. With our Smart Home technology, in addition to keeping your household safe, we can also focus on keeping it sound.

Smart Home technology is an exciting new consumer technology.

And with everything new, there’s a learning curve. I know the importance of providing easy to use and effective technology. What’s more, I can also make sure you understand how to adapt to your new home features. It may seem like a lot, but I can promise that we’ll make sure it’s not.

I also know how different your lifestyle is compared to another. That’s why we’re able to evaluate what would fit best into your lifestyle, as well as show you how each device can be applied to your distinct needs.

As a leading national company, we know the importance of your livelihood and home safety.

I know the importance of your satisfaction. That’s why I want our customer’s to be heard. By using Trustpilot, I welcome our customer’s to speak about their experience with us, for everyone to see. That’s how confident I am with our services. And with Alliance Security’s 5-Star customer service ratings on Trust pilot, I guarantee our technician’s will help you fully understand what we can bring you. By branching off Alliance Security, all of us at Alliance Home already know how to deliver the best in service. Which is what your household deserves.

Ultimately, I am driven by passion. The passion to keep you safe, make your life simple and keep your world stable. It’s just who I am.

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