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What do I need to show my insurance agency in order to possibly be eligible for a lower homeowners premium?2019-01-17T15:38:51+00:00

We will send you or your insurance agency a certificate of installation. We can mail, fax, or email the certificate.

What is the difference between my verbal password, master code, and duress code?2019-01-17T15:38:58+00:00

Verbal password is what you would use in order to verify you are associated with the account and/or homeowner. You would be asked to verify the password if you are calling for account information, or Monitronics is calling in the event of an emergency to prove your identity. Your master code is the code you will use to disarm the panel. Your duress code is a secret code you will use in the event you are being forced to disarm your panel. This will disarm the panel, but send a silent, panic signal to the police, who would immediately be dispatched.

What is the difference between Alliance Security and Rapid Response?2019-01-17T15:39:04+00:00

Alliance Security is the installing company. We will install the system and service the equipment should there be a malfunction, or in the case you opt for additional equipment. Rapid Response is the monitoring company. They monitor the home 24/7, and would dispatch the authorities in the event of a home invasion or emergency.

What happens if I decide to move?2019-01-17T15:40:54+00:00

We will remove the system from your current address and reinstall at your new location one time at no cost.

Will my MMR ever be subject to increase?2019-01-17T15:40:48+00:00

It is possible with a 3 year term, but unlikely. If you opt for the 5 year contract, you have price protection for the life of the contract.

Why is my MMR (Monthly Monitoring Rate) higher than what I was initially quoted?2019-01-17T15:40:43+00:00

Were there any upgrades at the time of installation? For example, warranty, extra equipment? Could it be your state taxes?

Where do I get the mobile app?2019-01-17T15:40:38+00:00

To get the mobile app simply go to the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for Apple products and search

Can I access my Account from anywhere?2019-01-17T15:40:30+00:00

You can access your account from anywhere around the world where you have a mobile or internet connection.

What home automation features does provide?2019-01-17T15:40:25+00:00 provides remote arming and disarming of your system, real time information about the status of your equipment, and events that occur in your home. You can also control and automate your home with keyless door locks, smart thermostats, and light and appliance control.

What Is the benefit of an account?2019-01-17T15:40:19+00:00 turns your home security into smart security. With an account, you can integrate video and home automation into your system and control everything directly from your smartphone.

What is is an additional service that we provide that integrates your security system into your lifestyle. is the leader in Smart Home Security, giving you solutions to monitor, protect, and automate your home right from your smartphone.

I have a secondary keypad in my bedroom. Can I turn the lights off?2019-01-17T15:40:07+00:00

Yes. On the secondary LCD keypad you can press Security, then Menu, then Toolbox and enter your code. Select Brightness and Volume and you will see a checkbox in the bottom of the screen that allows you to turn the lights around the emergency and home buttons off. This feature is not available on the main panel.

What is an Entry Delay?2019-01-17T15:40:00+00:00

This is the time that you have to disarm your alarm system when you open the door after returning home. Your system will beep and display a countdown timer. This is 30 seconds by default, but can be increased if needed.

How much time do I have to leave my home when I arm the system (Exit Delay)?2019-01-17T15:39:55+00:00

The standard exit delay time is one minute. This can be adjusted from as low as 45 seconds to up to 2 minutes.

When do I use my verbal password?2019-01-17T15:39:50+00:00

Your verbal password is used to access your account information and verify your identity when you need to cancel false alarms. The monitoring station will call you and ask for your verbal password to stop the dispatch process.

What is the duress code?2019-01-17T15:39:44+00:00

The duress code is a special code that you would use to disarm your system if someone is trying to force you to disable the alarm. This code makes the panel look like it was disarmed, but sends a silent panic alarm to the monitoring station. The police will be dispatched.

What is my master code? How many codes can I have?2019-01-17T15:39:39+00:00

Your master code is the code used to disarm your alarm system. You can have up to 32 user codes.

What does the service button mean on the home screen?2019-01-17T15:39:31+00:00

This option is a feature that is used if you have automation features such as light modules, locks, and thermostats.

Why does the screen on my panel only stay on for a few moments?2019-01-17T15:39:26+00:00

The panel has a power saving feature which causes the panel backlight to shut off after a period of inactivity. This operation is completely normal and the light will come on if you touch the screen or the home button on the panel. You can adjust the backlight timer from the user toolbox in the menu.

What color should the Home Button be?2019-01-17T15:39:20+00:00

The Home Button is green when the system is disarmed and red when the system is armed.

What are the buttons with the cross and the house on the bottom of the control panel?2018-12-06T15:05:22+00:00

The button with the cross is the Emergency Button. This will give you instant access to the Police, Fire, or Medical services with the press of a button. The button on the right with the house on it is the Home Button. This simply takes you back to the main screen of the control panel.

If I change my home phone service or turn it off, will it affect the monitoring of my home?2018-12-06T15:01:53+00:00

If the system is using your phone line then yes it will have an effect. If the system is using the cellular backup unit then it will have no effect on the system. With the cell unit, the system communicates with the monitoring station directly and is not affected by your phone lines.

Who do I contact/what should I do if I have a false alarm?2019-11-04T21:33:51+00:00

If you have a false alarm, you have 30 seconds to disarm your system and cancel the alarm. If you disarm the system after that time, you will either receive a call from the monitoring station or a two-way voice call through the control panel. You will be required to verify your verbal password to stop the police from being dispatched. You may also call Rapid Response at 1-866-729-1122 and inform them of the false alarm if you miss the call.

How far can I go away from my panel with my medical pendant?2018-12-06T14:58:56+00:00

The recommended distance is no more than 250 feet or 80 yards from your main panel.

How do I activate my medical pendant?2018-12-06T14:56:28+00:00

Your medical pendant can be activated whether your system is armed or disarmed. You must hold the button on the medical pendant down for 3 seconds until the red light comes on.

Why does my system arm in Stay mode even when I set it to Away mode? Is the motion detector not working?2018-12-06T14:49:00+00:00

In order to reduce false alarms, there is a function called Auto-Stay that is active by default. If you arm the system in Away mode from the panel, the system must recognize a door being opened and closed to confirm that you have left the home in order to activate the Away mode and your motion detectors. If you arm from a Keyfob or Mobile device, this is not required to activate stay mode. You can adjust this setting by calling customer service.

What is the difference between stay mode and the away mode?2018-12-06T14:25:46+00:00

Stay mode arms the perimeter sensors, but not the motion detector, so you can move freely within the home. The exterior of your home, for example windows, doors, and glass break sensors, will still be protected. The away mode should be used when the home is completely unoccupied. All motion detectors in the home will be triggered in the event there is any movement in the protected areas.

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Alliance Home is a wonderful security company, When I called them to ask for different cameras because of the activity on my street, I had absolutely no problem. It took approximately one week to get an installer out and the installer was wonderful, very professional very informative and and eager to ease my concerns. A system is automated and the alarm monitoring cost is not very expensive. Check them out if you’re in the market for a more advanced system, they’re great!”

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